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Courses in the HMVV Curriculum will cultivate the broader skills and awareness associated with TCU's distinctive Heritage, Mission, Vision, and Values.   TCU's Heritage will be explored via the study of Religious Traditions, Historical Traditions, and Literary Traditions.   Similarly, TCU's Mission, Vision, and Values will be explored via courses that focus on Cultural Awareness, Global Awareness, and Citizenship and Social Values.


By design, these HMVV categories are not bound to any particular discipline or department.   For example, courses proposed for Religious Traditions, Historical Traditions, or Literary Traditions need not be offered exclusively by the English, Religion, or History Departments.   By opening each category to a range of disciplinary perspectives, we hope to encourage pedagogical innovation and conversation across traditional disciplinary boundaries.


Courses proposed for the HMVV curriculum may also meet the outcomes of a category in the HEE curriculum or couple with courses required for the major, minor or general curriculum.   For example, a Sociology course might simultaneously satisfy the outcomes of Social Science and Cultural Awareness.   If so, the student taking such a course would receive three credit hours and would have satisfied a Social Science requirement and the Cultural Awareness requirement with one three credit course.   As another example, a course required for the B.B.A. degree might satisfy the outcomes for the Global Awareness category, in which case the student enrolled in such a course would receive three hours credit and would satisfy one of the requirements of the B.B.A degree and the Global Awareness requirement with one three credit course.

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