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   ANTH 30333 Mexican American Culture

   EDEC 30073 Critical Literacy and Children’s Literature

   ENGL 10103 Introduction to Fiction

   ENGL 10113 Introduction to Poetry
   ENGL 10123 Introduction to Drama
   ENGL 10133 Introduction to Literature

   ENGL 10303 Approaches to Film
   ENGL 10503 Introduction to Nonfiction Genres
   ENGL 20103 Reading as a Writer
   ENGL 20203 Girls’ Studies
   ENGL 20213 Global Women’s Literature
   ENGL 20403 Major British Writers
   ENGL 20423 Introduction to Medieval Literature
   ENGL 20433 Introduction to Shakespeare
   ENGL 20503 Major American Writers
   ENGL 20523 Sports in Modern American Literature

   ENGL 20533 The American Dream
   ENGL 20543 American Short Story (was 30543)

   ENGL 20553 Introduction to American Studies
   ENGL 20563 Introduction to Latina/o Literature

   ENGL 20573 Native American Literatures
   ENGL 20583 The Western
   ENGL 20593 Introduction to Literatures of the

                     Global African Diaspora

   ENGL 20603 Western World Literature I
   ENGL 20613 Western World Literature II
   ENGL 20623 Women in Literature and Culture
   ENGL 20633 Mythology
   ENGL 20643 Fable and Fantasy
   ENGL 20653 The Romantic Imagination
   ENGL 20663 Why Read Literature?
   ENGL 20703 Intro to Law and Literature

   ENGL 20713 Literature and Medicine
   ENGL 20733 Science Fiction
   ENGL 20743 Detective Fiction

   ENGL 20913 Literature and Civilizations I
   ENGL 20923 Literature & Civilizations II
   ENGL 20933 Non-Western Literature
   ENGL 30123 British Literature since 1800
   ENGL 30133 American Literature to 1900

   ENGL 30143 American Literature since 1900

   ENGL 30153 Nature Writing in Nature

   ENGL 30163 Urban Experiences and American Literature

   ENGL 30443 20th Century Irish Literature

   ENGL 30463 British Literature: The Bloomsbury Group
   ENGL 30493 Women Poets and Poetic Tradition

   ENGL 30503 The Roaring Twenties
   ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature
   ENGL 30573 Travail and Triumph:

                     A Survey of African-American Literature

   ENGL 30683 Post-colonial Anglophone Literature
   ENGL 30713 Mexican American Literature and Culture

                     in the Borderlands

   ENGL 30843 Australian Literature
   ENGL 30853 Asian American Literature
   ENGL 30863 Literature of the Middle East and North Africa

   ENGL 40513  U.S. Women’s Writing I

   ENGL 40553 Studies in Nineteenth-Century American


   ENGL 40563 U.S. Women’s Writing
   ENGL 40573 Mark Twain
   ENGL 40583 Contemporary American Poetry
   ENGL 40593 Faulkner

   ENGL 40643 British Romanticism

   ENGL 40663 Modern Fiction
   ENGL 40733 Children’s Literature
   FREN 30063 Readings in Selected French Genres
   FTDM 10073 Media Adaptations (was RTVF 10073)

   GRMN 20123 Topics in German Culture
   GRMN 20973 Honors: The Afterlife of the Classical

                     Greek Tradition
   GRMN 30013 German Literature in Translation
   GRMN 40193 Introduction to German Literature

   HIST 40653 The Progressive Period in American History, 1877-1919
   HNRS 20243 Culture, Literature, and Adaptations

   HNRS 20923 Cultural Memory in the US II

   ITAL 30083 La novella italiana

   ITAL 30123 19th Century Italian Literature
   ITAL 30153 Dante’s Inferno

   ITAL 40103 Boccaccio’s Decameron

   PHIL 30373 Existential Philosophy
   RELI 30823 Jesus in Fiction and Film

   RELI 30833 Literature and Theology

   SPAN 32503 Panorama of Spanish Literature I (Pre-1800)

   SPAN 32603 Panorama of Spanish Literature 2 (Post-1800)

   SPAN 32703 Panorama of Latin American Literature I (Pre-1820)
   SPAN 32803 Panorama of Latin American Literature 2 (Post-1820)
   SPAN 40103 Analyzing Literary Texts

   SPAN 41203 Cervantes and the Renaissance
   SPAN 41703 Contemporary Mexican Indigenous Literatures

   SPAN 42103 Luso-Brazilian and Hispanic Studies

   THEA 21103 Script Analysis (was 20103)


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