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ADRN 20103 Africa through Film
ADRN 30103 Summer Study in Ghana

ANTH 20623 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 30233 Sustainability: Environmental, Social and         Economic Issues

ANTH 30663 Environmental Justice, Human Rights,
        and Agriculture

ANTH 30773 Latin American Popular Culture

ANTH 40423 Anthropology of Violence
ANTH 40433 Globalization and Human Impacts

BUSI Global Business Practicum: Focus on the EU

BUSI 30223 International Business Study Abroad (Hon)
CHDV 25053 Children in Global Community
CRJU 30233 Sustainability: Environmental, Social and         Economic Issues

CRJU 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and


DEMT 40243 Global Trade of Textiles and Apparel
ECON 30433 Development Studies

ECON 30513 Perspectives in International Economics
ECON 40223 International Monetary Economics

         (was 50133)
EDUC 50990 International Experiences in Education
ENGL 20213 Global Women’s Literature
ENGL 20333 Language, Technology, & Society
ENGL 20593 Introduction to Literatures
of the Global African Diaspora
ENGL 20663 Why Read Literature?
ENGL 20923 Literature and Civilizations II

ENGL 20933 Non-Western Literature
ENGL 30683 Post-Colonial Anglophone Literature

ENGL 30783 Modern India: Literature and Culture
ENGL 30793 Multi-ethnic Literature of the World

FINA 40623 International Finance

ENSC 40603 South African Biodiversity and

          Human Dvelopment
FINA 40703 International Finance Study Abroad

FTDM 30663 Film in a Global Society

GEOG 10003 World Regional Geography

GEOG 10023 An Urban World: Introduction to Urban


HIST 10933 Latin American History: National Period
HIST 20933 Latin American Civilization since 1830 HON
HIST 30443 History of China from 1800 to the Present

HIST 30543 Twentieth-Century Britain, Empire to

                  Welfare State: 1901 to the Present
HIST 30563 The British Empire, 1603-1857
HIST 30573 The British Empire, 1603-1857
HIST 30913 History of Central America
HIST 30923 The United States and Latin America

HIST 30973 Biography in Latin American History
HIST 30993 History of Mexico

HIST 31903 Understanding West Africa: Ghana
HIST 40663 America Between World Wars

HIST 40733 The American West to 1900

HIST 40843 The Vietnam War
HIST 40853 American Environmental History
HIST 41903 History of Cuba

HNRS 20103 Understanding Africa through Film

HNRS 20503 Exploring Cultural Contact Zones

IDFM 40243 Global Trade of Textiles and Apparel
INSC 40353 Global Supply Chain Management

INTR 30101 Interdisciplinary Exploration of Global

INTR 30302 TCU Global Academy: The Capstone

MANA 30703 Business in Emerging Economies

MANA 40223 International Management

MANA 40703 Study Abroad Topics in International

MARK 30703 Consumption and Culture:

                   Marketing Study Abroad in Peru
MARK 40213 International Marketing
MARK 40700 Marketing Study Abroad

MUSI 10043 Music in Northern Italy: The Impact of

         Place and Proportion upon Creation

         and Performance
NTDT 10003 Contemporary Issues in Nutrition

NTDT 30993 A Global Perspective of Food Insecurity
NURS 30063 Global Perspectives in Health: London

NURS 39113 The Discipline and Practice of Professional


NURS 40053 Critical Inquiry into Health Care Delivery

PHYS 10273 Introductory Astronomy: Earth & Planets (was 20073)

POSC 20303 International Politics
POSC 20503 Introduction to Comparative Politics

POSC 30323 International Organizations Research
POSC 33003 Topics in International Politics

POSC 33013 United Nations Institutions and ProcessesPOSC 33033 Conflict and Negotiation
POSC 33103 Feminist IR Theory
POSC 33113 Globalization & Political Economy

POSC 33123 Globalization

POSC 33203 Political Economy of Human Tafficking
POSC 33503 Contemporary US Foreign Policy
POSC 33513 US Foreign Policy Making
POSC 33523 US Foreign Policy in Film
POSC 33533 Humanitarian Intervention
POSC 33603 International Relations of East Asia
POSC 33613 International Relations of Japan

POSC 33623 Chinese Foreign Policy
POSC 33633 Russian Foreign Policy

POSC 33703 Mideast Conflicts
POSC 35003 Topics in Comparative Politics

POSC 35013 Comparative Democratic Systems
POSC 35023 Comparative Social Movements
POSC 35033 Islam and Politics
POSC 35043 Politics of Developing Nations
POSC 35103 Distinction/Honors Capstone
POSC 35503 Politics of the Middle East
POSC 35613 Politics of Japan
POSC 35623 Politics of China
POSC 35633 Contemporary Issues in China
POSC 35643 Entrepreneurship in Modern China

POSC 35703 Western European Politics
POSC 35713 European Union Politics
POSC 35723 Political Life in Hungary and Central

POSC 35803 Latin America: Challenges to Democratic

POSC 35643 Entrepreneurship in Modern China

RAMA 20103 Challenges of Global Food Production

                  and Distribution

RELI 40713 Women, Race and Earth: Ecowomanism
SCIE 20103 Technology Entrepreneurship
SOCI 30233 Sustainability: Environmental, Social and                    Economic Issues

SOCI 30923 Social and Cultural Contexts of Leadership

SOCI 30963 Japan: Environment, Technology, and


SOCI 30973 Scandinavia: Sociology and Sustainability

SOWO 30693 Global Perspectives in Health:

        Seville and Dublin

SPAN 32003 Culture and Civilization of Spain

SPAN 32103 Culture of Latin America
SPAN 42203 Borderland Cultures
UNPR 30201 &
UNPR 30302 Exploring Global Citizenship & Initiatives
                  for Global Citizenship

WRIT 40373 The Rhetoric of Revolution


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