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  ADRN 20103 Africa through Film
  ADRN 30103 Summer Study in Ghana

  ANTH 20623 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  ANTH 20633 Introduction to Archaeology

  ANTH 20643 Language and Culture

  ANTH 30333 Mexican American Culture

  ANTH 30373 Medical Anthropology

  ANTH 30533 Happiness: Culture, Economics and Being
  ANTH 30623 Urban Anthropology
  ANTH 30653 Sex, Gender, and Culture
  ANTH 30823 Native American Religions & Ecology
  ANTH 30973/FREN 30173 France Today:
                    Citizenship, Identity, and Nationalism

  ANTH 40423 Anthropology of Violence
  ANTH 40523 Mass Media and Culture
  ARED 40803 Essentials of Visual Art
  ARHI 10043 Introduction to Art History

  ASST 20003 Introduction to Asian Studies 

  ASST 30013 Asian Culture & Society Through Film
  BUSI 20383 Global Business Mindset
  BUSI 30223 International Business Study Abroad Honors
  CHIN 30113 Civilization and Culture

  COMM 30253 Communicating Interculturally
  COSD 20343 Intermediate Sign Language

  COSD 50323 Counseling Special Populations and Their Families

  COSD 50870 Evidence Based Practice in Speech-Language

                    Pathology: Developing a Global Perspective Through

                    Australian Studies
  CRES 10103 Engaging Difference and Diversity in America

  CRES 20003 Gateway Seminar in Critical Race Theory
  CRJU 30853 Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System

  DANC 10453 Survey of Dance
  DANC 30363 Work-shopping Creation and
                     Exploring Performance in its Cultural Context
  ECON 30533 Happiness: Culture, Economics and Being
  EDEC 31233 Education in Elementary Curriculum: Social Studies

  (was EDEC 30234)

  EDMS 50023 Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation

  EDSE 50023 Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation

  EDUC 10433 Transgressing Cultural Lines

  EDUC 50003 Diversity in American Education
  ENGL 20223 Gender, Culture, and Representations
  ENGL 20303 Writing Games

  ENGL 20543 American Short Story (was 30543)

  ENGL 20563 Introduction to Latina/o Literature
  ENGL 20573 Native American Literatures
  ENGL 20623 Women in Literature and Culture
  ENGL 30133 American Literature to 1900
  ENGL 30143 American Literature since1900
  ENGL 30163 Urban Experiences and American Literature

  ENGL 30243 Rhetorical Practices in Culture

  ENGL 30473 Wilde Years: Oscar Wilde and the 1890s

  ENGL 30493 Women Poets and Poetic Tradition

  ENGL 30533 Modern American Jewish Literature

  ENGL 30573 Travail and Triumph:
             A Survey of African-American Literature

  ENGL 30613 Women’s Lives in Memoir and Fiction
  ENGL 30633 Medieval and Early Modern Women Writers
  ENGL 30663 Women’s Rhetorics
  ENGL 30713 Mexican American Literature and Culture in the 


  ENGL 30763 LGBT Authors and Themes in Literature
  ENGL 30783 Modern India: Literature and Culture
  ENGL 30793 Multi-ethnic Literature of the World

  ENGL 40333 Language, Rhetoric, & Culture

  ENGL 40513 U.S. Women’s Writing I

  ENGL 40563 U.S. Women’s Writing

  ENGL 40593 William Faulkner

  ENGL 40723 YA Literature in American Culture

  FINA 40703 International Finance Study Abroad

  FNRT 20203 Dance and Music: Living Art, Living Culture

  FREN 30173/ANTH 30973 Multicultural France:
                    Citizenship, Identity, and Nationalism

  FTDM 10013 Television History and Studies for Non-Majors

                    (was RTVF)
  FTDM 30643 British Cinema and European Culture (was RTVF)
  FTDM 30983 Women in Television and Film (was RTVF)

  FTDM 40653 Popular Music and the Recording Industry (was RTVF)

  GEOG 20013 Human Geography
  GEOG 30723 Cultural Geography

  GEOG 30733 Geography of Religion

  GEOG 30793 Sports, Geography, & Society

  GRMN 30073 Contemporary German Culture
  GRMN 30173 Study Abroad in Germany
  HIST 10703 The African American Experience Since 1619

  HIST 10713 Multicultural America: A Historical Survey

  HIST 10723 History of Latinas/os in the United States

  HIST 10923 Latin American History: Colonial Period
  HIST 10943 Asian Civilization to 1500
  HIST 10953 Asian Civilization Since 1500
  HIST 20923 Latin American Civilization to 1830 HON
  HIST 20943 Asian Civilization to 1500
  HIST 20953 Asian Civilization Since 1500 HON
  HIST 30243 History of Spain from Columbus to Franco

  HIST 30253 Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe

  HIST 30383 Experiences and Encounters: Paris & Madrid, 1880-1940

  HIST 30403 History of Russia to 1861
  HIST 30543 Twentieth-Century Britain, Empire to Welfare State:
                   1901 to the Present
  HIST 30553 Ireland since 1600
  HIST 30603 History of Women in America

  HIST 30613 History of Working People in America

  HIST 30703 Modern Egypt: A History

  HIST 30723 Women in the Middle East
  HIST 30803 Recent U.S. Urban History:
                    Race, Space, & Community Activism
  HIST 30903 Indigenous Movements in Latin America

  HIST 30963 History of Brazil
  HIST 31903 Understanding West Africa: Ghana
  HIST 40603 Colonial North America to 1763
  HIST 40703 Indians of the United States

  HIST 40873 The Civil Rights Movement in America
  HNRS 20103 Understanding Africa through Film

  HNRS 20113 College Life and Identity

  HNRS 20213 Language, Communication and Cultural Identity

  HNRS 20403 Faith and Social Movements
  HNRS 20813 Philosophy and Science of Social Justice
  INSC 40353 Global Supply Chain Management Study Abroad China
  INTR 30203 TCU Global Academy
  ITAL 30093 Società Italiana: The Mosaic of Contemporary Italy

  ITAL 30176 (MOLA) TCU Study Abroad in Italy
  JOUR 10103 Media Literacy

  JOUR 10203 Introduction to Journalism

  JOUR 40533 Global Branding
  LTNO 20003 Introduction to Latino/a Studies
  MANA 30703 Business in Emerging Economies

  MANA 40223 Cross-Cultural Management 

  MARK 30703 Consumption and Culture:

                     Marketing Study Abroad in Peru

  MARK 40213 International Marketing
  MARK 40700 Marketing Study Abroad
  MOLA 30023 Introduction to Linguistics

  MUSI 10063 World Music

  NTDT 21163 Food and Culture

  NURS 10043 Survey of Professional Nursing
  NURS 10403 Introduction to Health Disparities in African Americans
  NURS 30063 Global Perspectives in Health: London

  NURS 49488 Professional Nursing Residency

  PHYS 10293 Archaeoastronomy (was 20093)
  POSC 20203 Introduction to Political Theory
  POSC 20303 International Politics
  POSC 20503 Introduction to Comparative Politics

  POSC 31523 The Civil Rights Movement in America

  POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory

  POSC 32013 Western Political Thought
  POSC 32023 Distributive Justice
  POSC 32033 Applied Ethics

  POSC 33003 Topics in International Politics

  POSC 33033 Conflict and Negotiation
  POSC 33103 Feminist IR Theory
  POSC 33113 Globalization & Political Economy

  POSC 33123 Globalization

  POSC 33203 Political Economy of Human Trafficking
  POSC 33503 Contemporary US Foreign Policy
  POSC 33513 US Foreign Policy Making
  POSC 33523 US Foreign Policy in Film
  POSC 33603 International Relations of East Asia
  POSC 33613 International Relations of Japan

  POSC 33623 Chinese Foreign Policy
  POSC 33633 Russian Foreign Policy

  POSC 33703 Mideast Conflicts
  POSC 35003 Topics in Comparative Politics

  POSC 35013 Comparative Democratic Systems
  POSC 35023 Comparative Social Movements
  POSC 35033 Islam and Politics
  POSC 35043 Politics of Developing Nations
  POSC 35103 Distinction/Honors Capstone
  POSC 35503 Politics of the Middle East
  POSC 35603 Politics and Society of Japan Through Film

  POSC 35613 Politics of Japan
  POSC 35623 Politics of China
  POSC 35633 Contemporary Issues in China
  POSC 35643 Socialism with Chinese Characteristics:
                     Entrepreneurship in Modern China
  POSC 35703 Western European Politics
  POSC 35713 European Union Politics
  POSC 35803 Latin America: Challenges to Democratic Politics

  PSYC 10213 General Psychology

  RELI 20573 Defining the Nation: China and India in Crisis

  RELI 30463 Being Latina/o & Religious in the United States

  RELI 30493 Latina/o Religion, Law, and Identity
  RELI 30513 Hindu Religious Perspectives
  RELI 30693 Native Americans, Religion, and Contemporary Issues

  RELI 30753 The Many Faces of Krishna

  RELI 30703 Liberating God: Liberation Postcolonial and Theologies

  RELI 30753 The Many Faces of Krishna

  RELI 30843 Latina Feminist Religious Thought

  RELI 40313 The History of Religion in America
  SOCI 20213 Introductory Sociology

  SOCI 30303 Marriage and Family
  SOCI 30343 American Minority Groups

  SOWO 30583 Social Work and Diversity

  SOWO 30693 Global Perspectives in Health: Seville and Dublin

  SOWO 40453 Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations

  SPAN 30023 Summer Study Abroad-Culture
  SPAN 32003 Culture and Civilization of Spain
  SPAN 32103 Culture and Civilization of Latin America
  SPAN 32303 The Cinema of Spain
  SPAN 32403 The Cinema of Latin America

  SPAN 41803 Afro-Hispanic and Caribbean Literature

  THEA 31113 Theatre History II

  THEA 41123 Modern Trends in Theatre (was 40143)

  WGST 20003 Introduction to Women’s Studies:
                     Sex, Gender and the Disciplines

  WRIT 30893 Digital Inclusiveness: Cultural Identity & Authoring

  TCU Study Abroad Programs & TCU Study Abroad Partner Programs

  (semester-long classes only, application required prior to departure)

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